What Mattress is Best for a Computer Worker?

uponamattressBecause of the vast technology today, most people do their work on their computers. Photo editors for example spend so much of their time staring at the computer working on every detail of a picture. Almost all computer workers have bad posture due to this type of work and most of them do not get optimum sleep after doing so. This is a bad lifestyle for anyone to be living because it increases the risk of many heart diseases or even stroke. What these computer workers need to invest on is a good quality mattress that will help relieve their stress build up and enhance their energy levels so they can do more work. Most people think that they can sleep 3 to 4 hours a day and it’s already enough for another day at work. However, studies show that lack of sleep leads to worse conditions. Shopping for a good mattress may be confusing because there are different types of mattresses available in the market. To help you understand better about the type of mattresses, here is a simple guide.

Innerspring, Coil, Pillowtops

A spring mattress is composed of the mattress springs, boxspring base and layers of padding. Different types of innerspring mattresses have metal coils for its support system. The different types of support system include connected Bonnell coils and independent pocketed springs. The quality of a mattress is usually based on the number of coils that the support system has. The idea is that the more coils there is, the better the mattress can support the sleeper and contour their body shape. Besides using coils, manufacturers also add foams and padding to provide softness and give the sleeper enough comfort level for a better night’s sleep.

Memory Foam

Memory foams started as a NASA project for their astronauts to get a good night’s sleep when they are on a mission. These kinds of mattresses have the memory foam part on the upper layer, and it can range from 2-8 inches thick. It is supported by its base foam that is denser and does not have the memory foam properties. This kind of mattress has multiple layers of different foams, and some have air channels for heat reduction. Different memory foams have different density and type. The most common density is between 4 to 5 pounds. Some memory foams come with plant-based formulation or gel infused foams to make it cooler. Memory foams are known to be good for back pain.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses have the simplest construction of all types of mattresses. It contains only latex for its support core and its comfort layers. The foam is manufactured to be cured, cut and layered to make a bed. The layers of this type of mattress may not be stitched together, and the cover can be made of cotton, wool or other types of material. You can distinguish a latex mattress through the manufacturing process and the type of latex used. The Dunloop process produces a firm mattress while the Talalay process produces a more consistent and customizable product.

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Why Photo Editors Prefer Air conditioned Rooms

photo editorYou might think that photo editors have the best jobs in the world because they just have to sit in front of a computer and edit pictures. However, you have to take into consideration that they have to sit in front of their computers for hours, days or even weeks. There are times when they don’t even eat when they are chasing a deadline and no one can tell how high their stress level can get.

Aside from fast food and late night coffee, most photo editors demand an air conditioned workplace. It doesn’t really matter if they work from home or from an office, an air conditioned work environment can help photo editors do their job better and more efficiently. Since increased productivity is never bad, here are the reasons why every photo editor loves an air conditioned room.


Sitting in front of your computer for hours is not an easy task especially if you have tons of pictures to edit and you have to meet a deadline. Imagine having to do this during the summer when it’s scorching hot even in the evenings and you will know why photo editors need an air conditioned room to work in. It’s also proven that if you are comfortable while doing your job, you will have increased productivity and you will have the drive to do more work in the future.

To Protect the Equipment

Photo editors use high end computers to do their editing job. These equipment get hot pretty fast and are in need of air conditioning to prolong their lifespan. Most of these editors do not turn off their computers for weeks until they finish a project and a computer overheating from too much use is not out of the question. If you have an air conditioned room, it can help the equipment perform better and get rid of possible overheating problems. You will also find that overtime the cost of the air conditioned room is way lower than what you would have to shell out if your equipment are always damaged by overheating. Learn more about the different air conditioners available in the market.

Can Double as Sleeping Quarters

Have you ever had that moment when you’re so tired and you don’t even want to get up? Yes, that’s what photo editors feel like after weeks of not getting much sleep. This is also the reason why they want to sleep whenever they can and that includes the place where they work. There are countries that even revere people who sleep on their jobs because they say that it’s a sign of being hard working. Well, if your editors tend to sleep on their job a lot but are still finishing projects, you should at least give them an air conditioned room to slumber in. Or, you could use a portable AC so you can transfer it from one room to another.

Stress Reliever

If you commute to work, you will surely understand that it’s not a pleasant experience to ride the train or walk for miles under the heat of the sun. Your salvation will lie on a cold working environment where you can relax and release stress. What won’t help is a hot office that will only make your day worse.

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The Best Photoshop Edits for Gorgeous Pictures

photo editingEveryone wants to look good in pictures to show them off to family and friends. It’s important to look fresh and beautiful in pictures especially if they are going to be published in a magazine or on the internet. You always see models looking gorgeous in every picture that they take and every magazine article that they’re on. Looking pretty for the camera is their profession and it’s not an easy job to do.

Normal people, on the other hand, are not all photogenic and won’t always take amazing pictures at every snap of the camera. This is how photo editing started and is still being practiced today. Photo editing has saved a lot of men and women from awkward and embarrassing pictures that were taken of them.

There are a lot of photo editing software around but most editors prefer using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to edit their works. Adobe Photoshop has been around for decades and is still the most powerful and the best photo editing software around because of its powerful platform and creative plugins that you can use to enhance pictures and have them ready for a magazine printout. There are many ways to edit a picture and make people’s faces and bodies look more attractive than they really are. Here are some examples.

Cleaning Images

This may be the simplest trick in the book but if your picture makes it seem like you have dirt on your face or body, this is the answer for you. With a photo editing software like Adobe, you can easily remove those dirt-like substances from your pictures and make you look prettier.

Applying Filters

There are tons of filters that you can find on the internet or you can choose to make your own so you can use it for editing. Applying different types of filters on a picture creates a different feel and ambiance of when and where the picture was taken. It can also make people’s faces look less stressed as well as hide wrinkles, lines and skin blemishes.

Photo enhancing

There are times when you take one of your best pictures but the details all turn out to be blurry. Photo enhancement is your friend when this happens. It can revive even the oldest of pictures and make it look like you just took it today. There are different photo enhancing techniques applied by editors but they all have the same goal of making high quality pictures.

Photo Manipulation

Let’s not talk about the face and focus on the body this time. There are times when you have to pose for a full body picture and you’re not really ready to do it yet. Maybe you haven’t exercised for a while or you just came back from a week of vacation and you gained some extra pounds. Photo manipulation can make you lose weight in an instant—but only in pictures. Almost every celebrity does this so don’t you worry about cheating your way out of a bad picture. Re-size and reshape those areas that you’re not very confident about with photo manipulation.

Of course, if you’re among the average women who don’t have the time to edit your photos before sharing or printing it, it’s always a good skill to know how to cover your flaws through make up or other beauty techniques. Going to a beauty school to learn basic hair and make up is a good advantage. If you have the time and money, going through the complete course of cosmetology can be a good idea too. Some, on the other hand, simply master their best poses and use this to their advantage when taking a photo. Angling can be very advantageous when done right.

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Recurve Bows that Look Good in Photos

Archery is one of the coolest sports to be created and it is becoming increasingly popular today. People of all ages—including children—are getting hooked to the sport because of its many health benefits. The Hunger Games seem to have a lot of influence on this. Another reason why this sport is gaining popularity is because archers take good photographs if they have a good form.

Many photographers go to archery classes or competitions just to take pictures of archers as their subject. This is because there are many great angles to choose from once an archer starts with his shooting stance and photographers love it. Whether you are just starting out or you are already a professional archer, you will look even better in pictures if you have a good looking bow.

Consider the bow as your accessory in the photos that are taken of you and accessories exist to make you look even better. There are a lot of bows that are available in the market today that will surely make you look like you already are a hunting professional—even if you aren’t.

The Martin Saber Recurve Bow

Ask anyone that loves archery and they will instantly tell you that the Martin Saber is the best Recurve bow when it comes to looks and performance. The Martin Saber extends up to 64” in length and up to 55 pounds of draw weight for a perfect game experience and good looking pictures. You can even take this bow out to go hunting but it will only work well in open fields.

Another advantage of this bow is that it has the Vibration Vortex technology that reduces vibrations as well as noise that the bow makes when you use it. It also has a V grip that makes it comfortable for you to draw and shoot your arrows. The Martin Saber is also made by professionals and won’t splinter that easily. If you take care of them, it can last forever.

PSE Blackhawk Bow

This is a very beautiful bow and it will remind you of the elves in Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings. This bow will definitely make you look epic in every picture that you take—but that’s not all. The PSE Blackhawk is also very durable for its low price. The riser is made of laminated hardwood and it comes with a shelf that is close to the hand which makes it ideal for shooting practices.

The BlackHawk comes in many different draw weights in 5 pounds increments from 30 to 50 pounds. Archers love the 45 pound version because you can feel the energy transfer from the string to your arrow. You also can’t mistake this bow as a weak one because at full draw, it can take down a deer and an elk even from as far as 30 yards.

Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve

Aside from this bow’s great looks, it also has the most amazing versatility compared to other recurve bows in the market today. This bow can be used for target shooting, forest hunting, 3D shooting and many more. For its materials, its riser and limbs are made with Northern Hardwood and fiberglass which makes a very durable combination of materials. The bow is coated with a satin-like gloss to protect it from different weather conditions or from getting scratches. You will also find the shelf amazing because it is cushioned with bear hair to give you the best arrow stability.

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Perfect Love Matches for Photo Editors

Everyone wants to find their true love to spend their whole life with but it’s easier said than done. There are people who spend their lives without finding the right person to be with. Sometimes, you think you already found the one but things won’t really work out in the end. This is why people sometimes turn to other dating options like online dating. Some even turn to psychics to help guide them with their relationships. Ask a free question from a psychic through the internet and see what they have to say. Psychics are there to give people advice on who will be compatible for them based on a lot of things—one being their career.

A good partner will have to like what you do for a living if you want it to be long lasting. If your job is to edit photos for hours on end, some people might not understand that and might not have the patience to keep up with you. Some psychics use a person’s occupation to help them find the most suitable partner for their clients. Although they may not all be accurate, they do provide some good insight. Here are some of the psychic suggestions for photo editors.


Writing requires a lot of time and concentration and being alone is almost a necessity to produce quality work. With both sides having flexible working hours, it will be easier for them to have a harmonious relationship. The writer will also understand the deadlines that are given to a photo editor and that they must meet all of them or risk losing their job. This brings respect and support in the relationship as the writer won’t pressure the photo editor to spend more time with them if they know that they are just doing their job.


This partnership can blossom to beautiful things and can even be a start of a fruitful business venture. The photographer will even admire the editor and watch them do their work. The editor can also do their partner a favor by editing their photos for them if they don’t have much workload. These two can also share ideas that they can work on together as a side project to make things more fun. All these sharing and favors will already be counted as spending time together and since both sides has the same passion, they will always find a way to be in harmony with each other.


There are people who prefer to have their partners that are more mature and editors will surely provide that for you. Although they will still understand your work schedule and your need to meet deadlines, they will surely try to manage your time for you to spend more time with them. If you want this kind of challenge in a relationship, then this is the one for you. This can also be a good choice for people who want to have a partner that are older than them. Editors are known to be perfectionist and nit pickers so you ought to have a lot of patience and understanding to get that perfect balance in the relationship with a perfectionist.

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The Juice Recipes for Iron Deficiency

As photo editors, you may have to sacrifice a lot of sleep to get work done. There are even times when you have to sleep in front of your computer for a few hours just to wake up and finish some work again. Having this routine may lead to different health risks and one of them is Iron Deficiency in your blood or anemia.

Most nocturnal people suffer from anemia and they opt to take supplements for their iron needs. Whether it’s herbal or not, taking supplements is known to work and give people the amount of iron that their body needs. However, there is a healthier way to ingest vitamins and minerals inside the body—that is juicing.

There are plenty of benefits that a person can get from juicing. Since most of the ingredients are vegetables and fruits, it’s sure that your body will absorb all of the nutrition that they provide. For people who have iron deficiency, there are recipes that can help you boost your iron to a healthier level.

Savage Cabbage

This recipe will help your eyes, immune system and skin. It also is rich with iron and will help cleanse your digestive system. If you have eye problems like macular degeneration or cataracts, this is the juice for you. The carrots make this recipe sweeter for people who are new to juicing. Learn more about the best juicer for leafy greens for this recipe.


• One half of a medium head of cabbage
• One half handful of parsley
• Four medium carrots

Total Immunity

This recipe will give you all the health benefits that you need from bad cholesterol to iron deficiency and even constipation. It may not be the answer to all of your life problems but it will surely make sure that you have a longer life to deal with all of them.


• Three medium carrots
• Two cloves of garlic
• One medium apple
• One handful of parsley
• One thumb of ginger

Blackberry Down

This juice tastes like flavors are exploding inside your mouth along with its health benefits brought on by its ingredients. If you’ve had a fever, this is the best juice recipe to help you recover. This juice will also help you reduce blood pressure and any kind of inflammation as well as help prevent osteoporosis.

• One cup of blackberries
• One kiwi
• One medium pear
• One quarter pineapple, peeled and cored
• Twenty leaves of peppermint

Seriously Citrus

This is one of the best juices both in flavor and vitamin content. The grapefruit provides balance to the sweet taste of apple and peach and will totally make your taste buds happy. This recipe is good for cancer prevention and iron deficiency but it also helps with Alzheimer’s disease. If you’ve had too much to drink the night before, this provides the best hangover cure the next morning. Whip up a batch and start drinking this perfect and yummy treat.

• One large red delicious apple
• One medium grapefruit
• Two medium peaches

With these juicing recipes, you’re sure to boost your immunity and create a healthier body. But of course, to begin this lifestyle, you will need to invest in a reliable juicer. You can find juicer reviews, comparisons and ratings from www.bestjuicergal.com

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Ways to Develop Jaw Pain While Working

If you have jaw pain, the things that you can do are very limited and it might not be the best time of your life to remember. Jaw pain is caused by disorders in the chewing muscles and jaw joint. There are three main categories when it comes to Jaw pain: Pain in the jaw muscles that control jaw function, Pain in the jaw because the discs are displaced or the jaw is dislocated due to injury and Arthritis that affects the temporomandibular joint.

You may have more than one of these conditions at once and you may be feeling a mild to severe pain in the jaw. Jaw pain can either be a trauma on the temporomandibular joint that will go away after days, weeks or months or it may be a symptom of an underlying disease. Either way, it is important to have it checked by a professional so they can recommend a solution for you.

There are plenty of ways that you can be at risk of jaw pain while working. You may not notice it but you are already traumatizing your jaw joint at some point. To be able to prevent this from happening, you need to familiarize yourself with the simple causes of jaw pain.

Extreme Chewing

Chewing really hard can cause jaw pain and make you feel like you don’t ever want to eat anything. If you are on your lunch break and you are in a hurry to finish your food because you have a deadline to meet, this can lead you to have trouble with your jaw. When eating, you are expected to chew your food slowly as to not cause trauma to your jaw. Eating really fast and chewing large amounts of food can be hard on your jaw joint.

Teeth Grinding

There are times when we are so stressed out at work that we don’t even notice that we are grinding our teeth—literally. This is a common sign of stress and pressure and it comes out whenever we have to meet deadlines or are already way past the deadline. It also manifests when we don’t have enough sleep and we still need to work. The body becomes very tired and needs to find a way to express it that’s why we grind our teeth in the process.

Too Much Yawning

Yawning is one of the activities that can really cause trauma to the jaw joint. If you open your mouth too wide while yawning, it can lead to jaw pain or even worse, a locked jaw. People who have to work round the clock to finish their tasks often get low levels of oxygen in their brain which causes them to yawn almost every minute. If you are one of these people, try to not open your mouth to much when you yawn to avoid having jaw pain. If you can’t help it, it helps to slow the yawning motion down when you are about to close your mouth.

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